who are we?

Based in the UK, and rated as purveyors of the world’s finest text based, role playing, and worldwide, multiplayer games. Our products, limited as the list may be, are completely original, addictive, and free.

When we say our games are ‘original’, we mean it. We don’t use any pre-made codes, scripts or engines. Everything is created from scratch by us. Our own blood, sweat and the occasional tear go into all our products.

We believe this finely perfected recipe is the key to game success.

‘Give the players the tools, and they will create their own game’.

Unlike many other game networks, we’ve realised that it is far better to focus on one or two games. Concentrating on ‘umpteen’ games would mean sacrificing quality for quantity, and that’s not something we’re keen on.

We spend thousands on new technology. Our state of the art systems ensure your data is backed up several times a day; so you can rest assured it will, with us, remain safe. Furthermore, with more than enough servers running our sites, your experience should be as quick, smooth, and lag free as is possible. We hate having to wait for a page to load - so we’re assuming you do too.